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We help clients grow and make effective decisions by combining paperless accounting, IT technology, law and online reporting

All digital and online. Without papers. No worries. With a top-notch online portal and mobile app always at hand. We use modern systems and processes.

Partner for business. We combine rich experience in accounting, taxation, economics, law, , IT, controlling, reporting, BI, RPA and AI.

Data accounting
Prepared with the aim of having accounting data as a real value for your business. Discover the real benefits of BI dashboards.

Human approach.
Reliability, flexibility, and understanding are the main pillars of our work. We are listening. We will explain and help. We will take care.


Comprehensive experience,
which will boost your business

We know how you probably feel about accounting. As a state-enforced duty with no benefit. As a basis for calculating taxes. Like a field that anyone can do. However, client accounting and consulting is a very complex and dynamic discipline that brings real benefits to your business. Come with us and learn about modern accounting services and advanced consulting. The goal of our efforts is to help you grow and save time, nerves and money.


Get modern accounting without worries and without paperwork

Modern accounting services that target digitized processes, data accounting, real benefits and support in decision-making and management. For companies and self-employed.


Have your own experienced advisor on your side

Being able to really advise on how to do it right, saves time, nerves and money. From consulting for self-employed people through companies, startups to demanding mergers.


Robotization platforms save our time and your money

We digitize our and client processes. We use modern technologies such as API, RPA, OCR, AI, XML. In other words - we do not support routine repetitive tasks.

IT and ERP

Accounting and information technology cannot be separated

There is no better situation than when your accountant understands IT, databases and information systems. We are not just accountants - we enjoy IT, databases, imports.


With us, you have the security of properly optimized taxes

The security of an optimized tax burden is priceless, don´t  you think?. From individual tax planning through detailed tax optimization to individual tax returns.


Finally, make your decision based on real facts

Modern business intelligence reports will make your decision easier. We can work with accounting from the perspective of a data expert and a business owner.


Smart data processing and answering is changing the world

Modern analyzes of numbers and processes and the main factors of business are a phenomenon. Properly set up accounting is a source of information.


Always have your experienced lawyer available

Get easy access to our external law firm, notary and other experts. Rich legal experience and great references.


Guarantee of timely and correctly processed wages

Perfect payroll processing and human resources make satisfied employees. Get complete payroll processing. Everything online for you and your employees.


Specialized services of an experienced controller

Managerial accounting and modern controlling reveal hidden facts to you. In other words, the purpose of accounting is not the tax needs of the state.


Finally get to your money sooner and without worries

After all, your business is (not only) about money. Get to know best know-how and procedures for planning and managing receivables, payables and finances.


We will take care of routine tasks that take your time

We can deal with routine (not only) administrative matters quickly and efficiently. From data box management to automated forms.

How are we different? We are interested in your success.

We know how you probably feel about accounting. As a state-enforced duty with no benefit. As a basis for calculating taxes. Like a field that anyone can do. However, client accounting and consulting is a very complex and dynamic discipline that brings real benefits to your business. Come with us and learn about modern accounting services and advanced consulting. The goal of our efforts is to help you grow and save time, nerves and money.


Experienced team on your side

There is no "gold standard" of what is or isn't a good accounting firm. Choose so that you feel comfortable. You should not look for your accounting and consulting firm until something goes wrong and you need to solve problems. On the contrary. A good and professional consulting firm should be your advisor and guide on your journey through good times and bad.

We listen, we explain, we help. We'll take good care of you.

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Benefits for you

✓ Humane, careful and reliable approach

✓ Assignment of accounting specialist

✓ Assignment of tax manager

✓ Complete digitized services
✓ Free portal and mobile application

✓ A precisely tailored package of services

✓ Proof of monthly service billing
✓ Easy, flexible flat rate changes
✓ Discounts for automated operations
✓ Partner law firm
✓ 20 years of experience in the field

Do you know what it looks like when an accounting firm always treats you fairly?

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The certainty that we act fairly

✓ Free initial consultation (by email or phone)
✓ Get an individual detailed price calculation of services
✓ We will explain the content of the offer and answer your questions
✓ We sign an understandable written contract
✓ Electronic signature of the contract easily and quickly
✓ You will be cared for by an assigned specific specialist
✓ We always process a valid monthly statement
✓ You always have the option to flexibly change the content of the flat rate
✓ We always offer discounts for automating actions
✓ Get a discount as part of the referral program
✓ We transmit the results of our work continuously
✓ We support the smooth termination of cooperation


Who trusts us?

Our strength is flexibility and experience gained over 20 years in our field. We consider the need to adapt a lot to the client's needs a prestigious task.

Clients are thus a fundamental element of our work. We take care of 140 clients from 30 countries around the world.

We are discreet. We do not disclose the identity of our clients.

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Who are our clients?

Startups, e-shops, energy suppliers, advertising agencies, IT and development companies, manufacturing companies, food companies, importers, developers, law offices, private health and dental practices, event companies, service companies, language schools, fitness centers, self-employed and many others disciplines.


What do clients say about us?

“I would like to thank the TrimmTax team for their professionalism, willingness, speed of communication, helpfulness with everything related to accounting, but also with an overlap with legal advice and passing on various necessary recommendations and recommended contacts. At TrimmTax, they will advise and patiently explain everything in detail, and together you will choose the most optimal solution for you, your company. Thank you very much for the services provided, which are above standard. ”

Tereza, owner of a fitness center


Client online portal and mobile app

Why don´t you with to only electronical documents?

  Start using our online portal  

✓ Used to securely share documents

✓ We will arrange and set everything for you
✓ Let´s transfer documents electronically
✓ Easily take photos of documents and send them

✓ You have complete documents always at hand

✓ Designed for ease of use

✓ Instant synchronization works
✓ Real mode notification
✓ Detailed settings of rights and roles
✓ Mobile, desktop and online versions
✓ We also have a version for Mac and iOS
✓ Data is only stored in the EU

✓ Availability in 24/7/365 mode

✓ Everything is free for our clients

trimmtax online portal

Our Blog (ENG)

Frequently asked questions about how it works


We are a real company with its own employees and office and with completely digitized services. If you don't, we don't have to meet physically at all. We have been able to operate fully online since the beginning of our business. which suits our clients very well.


We prefer digitized accounting. Our clients thus transfer documents photographed by our mobile application and share them on the portal or send them to a specific email. You will find all the transferred files in the mobile, desktop and web versions of our application.


We are of the opinion that the concluded contract (especially for monthly cooperation) is a reasonable solution. The contract guarantees you our work capacity and availability, our time and agreed prices. The contract can be concluded very easily online.


Yes, you can handle it very easily. The mobile, web and desktop versions of the application are very easy to use and you always have us at your disposal in case you need help. Clients greatly appreciate the opportunity to submit documents online in this way.


We compile an individual price calculation for each client. Our prices reflect market prices, our experience, volume, speed, difficulty and the way we perform our tasks. We will be happy to prepare a non-binding offer for you.


Very easily. If you do not want to deal with the transfer of accounting at all, all you need to do is contact your existing accountant or accounting firm. We will arrange the entire transfer process and inform you regularly about each planned step.



We provide modern and reliable economic services as an effective combination of accounting, consulting, law and hi-tech technologies.

Our mission is to provide clients with constant support and sophisticated assistance in their business and life.

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